every conspiracy under the sun —- except an Israeli conspiracy

Jones said “every time we look they’re killing Jews”. Once again Jones refuses to mention that the “they” are the Zionists. It doesn’t matter which of his radio shows you listen to; you will find the same pattern over and over. Specifically, he blames the world’s problems on a mysterious group that he refers to as the “New World Order”, a “Germanic death cult”, the “Luciferian Controllers”, the “Western Intelligence Agencies”, or the “Elite”. Why does Jones use “Germanic death cult” as one of his expressions? Why not Jewish death cult? Why not Zionist death cult? How about “Israeli death cult”? Why do so many of these truth seekers try to create the image that Germans are evil when all the evidence suggests that Zionists are the problem? By never mentioning the names of Zionists (such as Sam Newhouse, Joe Lieberman, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman), Jones keeps his listeners in a state of confusion and fear. How can we defend ourselves from a “Germanic Death Cult”? How is it possible for the police to arrest the “Luciferian Controllers”? Alex Jones works closely with Paul Joseph Watson and his brother Steve Watson, who live in England, both of whom are rumored to be Jewish. (Further information is still demanded on their background.) Their support of Israel should be considered a sign that the Watsons are Crypto Zionists. Alex Jones is married to a woman named Violet, who is Jewish. Being Jewish is not bad, but if she may be a Crypto Zionist, she is a deceiver; a criminal; a con artist. Considering that Alex Jones works and lives with suspicious people, is it any wonder that he deflects criticism of Zionism to the “New World Order”? Perhaps Jones is also a Crypto Jew.



The Master of Conspiracies is constantly shifting blame away from Israel. Oh, no — There’s no conspiracy there.

Alex Jones and Fox News. The idea of one being criticized by the other is a kaleidoscope of mirrors. They are BOTH Israel motivated.

America is not mad —- America is totally confused by misleading propaganda. There is no way this can be good for America.



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