We Report, You Decide —- Is Santa Claus, Satan?

People think that Halloween is the time of year that Satan dresses up, but this is just flat-out wrong. See? The Devil will always try to fool you! Halloween is when Satan delights in watching humans dress in ways that will ensure them entry into the Devil’s realm. But it is Christmas time that the Devil saves for himself! It is then when he puts on his most devious costume! And it takes no Sherlock Holmes to see that the Devil’s annual disguise is none other than Santa! He even wears his favorite color — demon red. Even his last name, “Claus,” is Olde English for “hoof-claws.” Lucifer may be the wiliest of all the deceitful demons that ever drew breath of fire in Hell, but he was pretty sloppy when he decided to try to spoil our Savior’s birthday with this disguise. His big devil ego got the better of him when he decided to name his Christmas Anti-Christ after himself. He just moved around the letters in the name, “Satan,” into a sonogram and got “Santa.” Well, this is to put Prince of Darkness on notice: We are on to you Satan! And we unmask you and heartily rebuke you!



As if America isn’t confused enough already.




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