Turkmenistan intends to increase gas exports sevenfold by 2030

The Turkmen president has said his country intends to boost gas exports sevenfold by 2030 and called on Russia, China and Iran to buy Turkmen gas at European prices. Turkmenistan is planning to extract a total of 230 billion cubic meters of gas, including 180 billion cubic meters intended for export, by 2030, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov told. “Our gas reserves are enough for many decades,” the president, who arrived in the U.S. to attend a session of the UN General Assembly, said. Supplying gas to Europe has become increasingly important for Turkmenistan, home to South Yolotan, the world’s fourth largest gas field. Construction on the East-West pipeline to the North-East Turkmen gas fields with the Caspian Sea began in May. The planned Nabucco gas pipeline will later connect the Caspian to Europe via Turkey. ((04 OCT 2010))





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