Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA)

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is a federal body accountable to the Minister of the Environment. The Agency works to provide Canadians with high-quality environmental assessments that contribute to informed decision making, in support of sustainable development. WHAT we do: To better integrate Canada’s environmental goals with its economic, social and cultural values, the Agency: * Administers the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. * Encourages public participation because protecting the environment is everyone’s business. * Advances the science and practice of environmental assessment through research and development. * Promotes high-quality assessment through training and guidance. * Provides administrative and advisory support for review panels, mediations, comprehensive studies and class screenings. * Promotes the use of strategic environmental assessment as a key tool to support sustainable decision making. WHY we do what we do: The Agency, through its support and coordination of environmental assessment, serves Canadians by helping to eliminate or reduce a project’s potential effects on the environment. Project-by-project and step-by-step, environmental assessment helps us to make wise choices about our environment. HOW we work: Through our headquarters in the national capital and six regional offices, we work in partnership with other federal departments and agencies, provinces and territories, environmental and Aboriginal groups, industry and others to ensure that our efforts are coordinated and harmonized. WHEN it began: Established in 1994, the Agency came into being to prepare for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act coming into force in early 1995.




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