Greenies Getting “Dirty” Money! Hey Quebec…are you with us? Shale gas? Is that eco-friendly Quebec? Are you ready to join Alberta in the energy fight or are you going to restrict development of your resources because of your eco-snobbery? You are so used to looking down on all of us because your province was blessed with hydro-power opportunities (stolen from Newfoundland) instead of coal. Now, you need to decide, do you stay with your eco-snobbery, or do you get in the energy game? Think mega good paying jobs for Quebecors! Good luck, because if you do jump into the game be prepared for the greenies to come after you with lots of American dollars. US cash vs Oil Sands! …If the campaign against oil tankers were to succeed in Vancouver, overseas exports of Canadian oil would be blocked and Canada would be stuck with only one major customer for Alberta oil: the United States. That’s the trade-off. Like most protests, the one against oil tankers has all the look and feel of a Canadian grassroots movement. The campaign against Alberta’s oil sands also seems to rise out of the people, but the interesting thing is that there are very few roots under that grass. Money comes in from a small core of U.S. charitable groups. One of those groups — the U.S. Tides Foundation of California (Tides U.S.) and its Canadian counterpart have paid millions to at least 36 campaign organizations. (See list at right.) All the money, at least US$6-million, comes from a single, foreign charity. The Tides U.S. campaign against Alberta oil is a campaign against one of Canada’s most important industries. It’s fair for Canadians to inquire about who’s funding this campaign and why. The trouble is, nobody knows. …These Big Five have poured at least US$190-million into Canada’s environmental movement over the last decade, but their American logos are nowhere to be seen. Instead, we see a pageant of Canadian icons: dogwood, herds of caribou, wild salmon, First Nations and loons. U.S. tax returns show that the David Suzuki Foundation has been paid at least US$10-million from American foundations. This hasn’t exactly been out in the open. Very, very interesting read, and she has way more information at her site. Like this breakdown of who is getting all the American money: And look at this little breakdown of donations to fight the oil sands: (Corporate Ethics obviously has no ethics!) And they jap about how “deniers” get big money from “big oil”? Talk about hypocrites! They never actually provide any facts about the “big oil” donations to scientists who are “deniers”. Look at those organizations who are getting funded from the US to shut down one of Canada’s economic engines, the oil sands. Hold them to account for that funding. Boycott HP, let them feel the heat of pressure groups against them for a change. It is time for us “deniers” to start calling out every eco-nut and their eco-schemes. They are hiding now, when they aren’t busy blowing up school children to make their twisted point! It’s time to take away charitable status if they will not reveal their funding donors. It is time for us to go after any politician that spouts “green” plans, (McGuinty anyone?) makethem explain how the extra cost will benefit our society, don’t just take what they or the greenies say as the truth! The greenies are getting “dirty” money from foreign charities to shut down the oil sands…..time to fight back, Quebec are you with us? ((18 OCT 2010))



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