Protesters Fight Oil Tanker Traffic In Vancouver’s Waters

Under the watchful eye of several security forces, a flotilla of protesters took to the waters Sunday to stop oil-tanker traffic on the fragile B.C. coast. The Wilderness Committee, Greenpeace, and No Tanks! had floating protesters and rallies at two beaches in Vancouver’s Stanley Park as several police craft kept a wary eye. Greenpeace said one of its two Zodiacs was impounded by the coast guard, while harbour patrol, Vancouver Police and the RCMP’s high-speed catamaran escorted a few dozen craft out making their point on a sun-splashed Sunday. “I’m here to help the fish, by holding signs up and letting other people know,” said eight-year-old Satya Mari, holding up a protest sign declaring ‘Let’s Keep Our Coast Oil Free.’ “I hope people are not going to put oil in the water or crash into other boats.” The threat of human error — an ‘accident waiting to happen,’ as many called it Sunday — has taken on new life since the devastating BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “Talk to people in the Gulf of Mexico — their future is at stake,” said Adriane Carr, deputy leader of the federal Green Party, who received a banner to present to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “We’re saying No to oil tankers, and Yes to green alternatives — energy conservation and retrofitting buildings — not burning oil to let it escape out of windows and doors.” ((17 OCT 2010))







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