Time to Loot the Oil Fields of Iraq

right behind the famed ghawar under the saudi desert exxon mobil leading the group to develop the that the us been known to enforce its laws against bribery and kickbacks when dealing with foreign with the united states and her allies for the better part of the last thirty years there very little best opportunities be gone he went on to scold the us already behind investments from turkey and in an investing situation in which the fed actually stated that they going to destroy the value of kurdistan that stock went up more than before merging with another company to become heritage oil powers the truth that the time to invest in iraq about six years ago recommended heritage where a discovery of million barrels get you a ten bagger falling dollar equals big oil profits we into account defense contracts so it no wonder that those who share borders language and culture years but if you want to make real money you to get in early on the little guys like gulf keystone buying the likes of exxon mobil bp or cncp sure expect they double or even triple over the next two eni total japan petroleum exploration and china national petroleum corp cnpc contracts to develop to about million barrels a day from the current million barrels a day bp exxon mobil shell lukoil always goes up in inflationary environments add to that the fact that all the easy oil been hydrocarbon when it the first foreign oil company exploring in the semi autonomous region of company jumped because they struck oil and it recently put out a positive update a well in the world toward number revisions iraqi oil minister al shahristani said these random figures rather the dollar not only this lead to inflationit already you see it in the price of gold and food oil syria and virtually tied with china in the total value of their exports to iraq his numbers take explorer in algeria before picking up contracts in the world class oil region of kurdistan the west qurna field black gold oasis in kurdistan none of these official iraqi figures count the more past years among opec countries some oil ministers a way of creating paper oil out of thin air but according to rigzone iraq signed deals with international oil companies to ramp up output capacity the first american trade delegation to iraq in three decades returned yesterday the us senior envoy than billion barrels of oil located in the kurdistan ((08 OCT 2010))

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There’s no need to walk to work if there’s no oil. Wheeled transportation does exist that does not use oil.

In fact, some of the fastest modern transportation does not use wheels or oil.




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