Seattle 1910

seattle monorail gets first new engines in years the inuyama monorail opens it the first multi station alweg monorail in japan the japanese hitachi company been impressed with the seattle worlds fair alweg installation and purchased the technology that same year a little known fact of monorail history that the alweg company sold old blueprints to the japanese so they the latest improvements made to the system even so hitachi go on to install more alweg based transit monorails than anyone in the world to this date june rd the seattle monorail project announces a tentative billion contract with cascadia which led by fluor enterprises and train supplier hitachi of japan aug etc publishes the seattle popular monorail plan which proposes a publicly funded station green line through the western side of the city seattles famous alweg monorail scheduled for demolition nihon lockheed monorail this unique system invented in the usa and built at a test track in gifu japan while actually being selected for both seattle and tokyo alweg later won out for those milestone monorails the lockheed design similar to alweg in that it uses a concrete beam but the track and wheels steel two built for transportation in japan yet they no longer operate schell supports new monorail mayor shifts gears on plan for north seattle st advisors cite monorail advisability wh shepard and his monorail transit co of seattle build mining monorail system at highland surprise mine in the coeur dalene district first successful functional monorail system in the us monorail makes trial run two monorail giants duel for seattle prize one system lets you go from car to car the other sleeker pi monorail fare cost of parking to go up for visits to seattle center daily briefing seattle gets grant to move monorail jan rd ew houghton famed seattle theater architect submits proposal for new system of monorail rapid transit to city council transit takes over monorail maintenance may st when seattle takes over century corp transit june this test track built and demonstrated in the tideflats of seattle or tacoma washington the rails made of wood and track cost estimated to be around per mile a bargain the commented at the time that the time may come when these wooden monorail lines like high fences go straggling across country carrying their burden of cars that develop a speed of

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