Plains Justice Says Keystone XL Needs Better Emergency Plan

Paul Blackburn is the staff attorney for Plains Justice, a regional organization with offices in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. One of the concerns of their clients is the Keystone Pipeline. Transcanada built a pipeline that went into operation earlier this year that crosses North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska with similar architecture to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in the MonDak region. This week Plains Justice released a report. “The Northern Plains at Great Risk: Oil Spill Planning Deficiencies in Keystone Pipeline System” suggests problems with the safety-response system in the pipeline – and they believe that Transcanada needs to correct the plan before going forward. In the audio to left of this column Blackburn spoke with me about Plains Justice concerns. View the report at Next week, an official from Transcanada has promised to respond to the concerns voiced by Blackburn. ((24 NOV 2010))




And what sort of emergency plan will protect the Keystone Pipeline from the Inside Jobbers?





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