A Pipeline Called TAPI To Run Across Afghanistan —- IT’S NEVER BEEN A SECRET

the long planned pipeline named tapi after the initials of the four participating countries turkmenistan afghanistan pakistan india the same pipeline the us company unocal wanted to build in the tapi countries held eleven high level planning meetings during the past eight years the most recent in september the km pipeline follow the ancient trading route from central to south asia extending from a gas field in turkmenistan along the highway through herat helmand and kandahar in afghanistan to quetta and multan in pakistan and on to fazilka in india western countries supportive though they avoid mentioning the pipeline publicly foreign ministers endorsed the project this year at gatineau quebec what they approved a new initiative to facilitate joint infrastructure projects identified by afghanistan and pakistan one of these projects the tapi pipeline of the many possible reasons for canada to stay in afghanistanending terrorism liberating women educating girls spreading democracy keeping nato from failingone dynamic rarely discussed the tapi pipeline project long been the elephant in the closet quietly supported by western powers countries expect to sign formal agreements in december with construction to be completed by a magic date for ottawa too the pipeline deserves attention as it likely to be a target for insurgents and a reason for ongoing military occupation afghanistan a key piece of the asian chessboard in a game that real and ongoing us geopolitical strategy well documented tapi part of it and construction may begin before peace achieved although canadian leaders avoid discussing the pipeline nato protection of it remains a real possibility without public debate canada being drawn towards even more military conflicts around the world through nato ((25 NOV 2010))

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The Oil God wants a pipeline in Afghanistan.

It’s never been a secret.
Why search for a mystery where there is none?

or, to put it the other way round,

It’s never been a mystery.
Why search for a secret where there is none?




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