Stop Oil Tankers in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

enbridge the worlds largest pipeline company wants to build a pipeline from the alberta tar sands to the port of kitimat bc load this crude into huge oil tankers and sail these tankers through the heart of the great bear rainforest and its dangerous waters enbridge owns the pipeline that leaked into the kalamazoo river michigan on june an emergency response begun and now over on the michigan state dnre and enbridge energy entered into a cleanup and restoration order for this oil spill that requires enbridge to develop and implement plans to comply with michigan law including assessing the extent of oil in the affected areas ensuring that contaminant levels returned to the safe levels and restoring natural resources we the undersigned urge the canadian government to legislate a ban on oil tankers in the north coast of british columbia canada now the great bear rainforest a canadian treasure to all canadian peoples and to all the peoples of the world it of the worlds remaining temperate rain forests and stores the same amount of co that million vehicles produce it home to old growth trees grizzlies wolves black bears and the rare kermode bear now an enbridge proposal to build a pipeline and use supertankers to ship alberta tar sands from kitimat bc through the dangerous water of this glorious great bear rainforest threatens this magical rainforest accidents happen in fact many enbridge pipeline spills already occurred the exxon valdez oil tanker spill devasted alaska and an enbridge oil tanker spill devaste the marine environment of the great bear rainforest tar sands oil even more difficult to clean up because it produces times the carbon emissions of typical petroleum products and much more laden with heavy metals sulfur and other pollutants this threatens not only the great bear rainforests precious wildlife but also first nations people on their traditional territory their food security livelihood economy and culture the bc government may allow a lifting of a moratorium on oil tankers on the northern coast of bc that been in effect for years therfore we asking you to enact legislation that bans oil tankers in the north coast of british columbia legislation that stop the risk we not wish to take ((28 NOV 2010))

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