3 More Companies Announced Plans To Avoid Oilsands-Derived Fuel

Three more companies have announced they will avoid using fuel derived from the oilsands to distribute their products. U.S. cosmetic giant Avon says it is asking its transport providers to use fuels that are lower in carbon than those coming from the oilsands. Continued Below Canadian trucking firm Concord Transportation says it has asked its fuel vendors what steps they are taking to avoid refineries that process oilsands bitumen. Lush Cosmetics, which has held previous protests against the oilsands at its stores, is also asking its shippers not use oilsands-derived fuels. The announcements are part of a campaign led by the U.S.-based group ForestEthics. A total of 10 companies have now announced a range of similar moves, from decisions to use no oilsands-derived fuels to encouraging their shipping contractors to move to lower-carbon fuel. ((01 DEC 2010))





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