Bethlehem —- Nativity Church

church of the nativity the oldest church in the holy land still in use commemorating the nativity place of jesus christ since st helena believed to built the church of the nativity there others who believe that it the emperor constantine who ordered the construction of monumental churches to honor the three principal events of jesus life a mouth of a cistern be seen at the end of the grotto of the nativity and a door leading to a few chapels the key of which belongs with the franciscans it the franciscans who in dug out this passage in order to access to the grotto from the church of st catherine excavations done between and by father farina a franciscan proved that the mangers occupied between and bc and occupied again at the time of christ till the year ad father farina found tombs and legend it that christians desired to be buried next to the holy place where jesus born they call him immanuel which means god with us church of bethlehem in palestine birthplace of jesus prayer of blessing for a merry christmas and happy new year about the miraculous birth of jesus the world saviour home wise men church of nativity church of nativity history persian magi manger jesus birth place star in the east palm sunday good friday easter easter message easter christmas in the bible two sets of stairs on either side of the altar lead down into the grotto of the nativity the site where jesus born a silver star embedded in white marble marks the exact spot the original star place here by the roman catholic church in according to tradition mary gave nativity to jesus at the place of where the star located on the floor the tradition that the nativity in a cave one of the oldest christian traditions justin martyr mentions it in the mid century as the of james also origen notes that the cave of jesus nativity pointed out in his day and no doubt this the same place where the byzantine church erected church of nativity in bethlehem star marks the place of jesus nativity the church of nativity built above a cave which believed to be the persian where jesus born the cave includes two small lobes one with a star to mark the place of jesus nativity shown below the other to mark the place of the persian and the repose of the holy family church of nativity birth place of jesus christ church of nativity in bethlehem

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