Energy Lobby Planning January Media Blitz In Support Of Keystone Pipeline

Oil sands media blitzes planned for US. A US energy industry lobby group is planning a media blitz to counter negative publicity over plans for a controversial pipeline to transport Alberta oil sands crude to the Gulf coast. The American Petroleum Institute (API) plans to unveil its ad campaign in January, but at this point is not offering specific details about the campaign’s cost or reach. Cindy Schild, manager of downstream and industry operations with the API, said the ads will promote the economic benefits and jobs that oil sands crude will bring to the US. The move follows an environmental coalition announcement that it plans a $500,000 ad campaign against TransCanada Corp.’s proposed Keystone XL project. The No Tar Sands Oil Coalition said it would buy several television, radio and internet ads demanding Washington nix the pipeline, saying it undermines US clean energy initiatives since it would bring more “dirty” crude south of the border. John Kerekes, API’s central region director, calls Keystone a “national security” project, since it would reduce US reliance on imports from the Middle East. ((08 DEC 2010))










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