Bedford Oil Leak Pollutes Lake

An oil leak Thursday morning at a home on Rocky Lake Drive in Bedford, N.S., has run into a nearby lake. Two tenants of the home had just had their 800-litre oil tank filled when it began leaking from two quarter-sized holes in the bottom. Wendy Boudreau said she and her partner recently moved into the house. “I woke up to the fumes and I could hear, it sounded like running water, so I ran downstairs and took a look and lo and behold it was all over the floor, so I ran across to the owner and told him and let him know,” Boudreau said. Boudreau said as she was returning to the house, she noticed the oil starting to run down the driveway. She said absorbent material was thrown down in an effort to absorb the oil before it reached the sidewalk. The oil flooded the home’s basement and a sheen was visible on Lily Lake, which is popular with anglers. Fire crews believe a basement floor drain allowed the home heating fuel to reach the lake. Environment Department officials were on scene assessing the damage. The man who owns the house said his insurance company told him Thursday that his plan would not cover the oil spill. He said he was told to contact the manufacturer of the tank. ((16 DEC 2010))












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