Petrobras Discovers Good Quality Oil in Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil

A Petrobras announces a new discovery of good quality oil in the pre-salt reservoirs of block BM-S-9, in ultra deep waters of Santos Basin. The discovery was a result of the drilling of well 3-BRSA-861-SPS (3-SPS-74), informally known as Carioca Nordeste, located in a water depth of 2,151m and 275 km off the coast of the state of São Paulo in the evaluation area of Carioca well – 1-BRSA-491-SPS (1-SPS-50). Preliminary analyses confirm the extent of the accumulation with oil of 26º API in 250 meters of good quality reservoir, better than the result of the wildcat well. Block BM-S-9 has two evaluation areas: well 1-BRSA-594-SPS (1-SPS-55), informally known as Guará and the area of well 1-BRSA-491-SPS (1-SPS-50), informally known as Carioca, where the discovery well is located. Petrobras holds a 45% stake in this concession, and is the operator of the consortium comprised of BG Group with 30% and Repsol with 25%. The Consortium will give continuity to the investments provided in the Discovery Evaluation Plan, presented to the ANP in 2007, to confirm the dimensions and characteristics of the reservoir, seeking the development of the project and the activities in the Santos Basin pre-salt. ((26 JAN 2011))





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