Iraq’s Prime Minister Calls For Strategic Cooperation Plan With Russia In Oil And Gas Fields

Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called on Wednesday for the laying down of a strategic plan for boosting cooperation with Russia in investing in the oil and gas fields, whilst a Russian economic official said that “time has come for his country’s companies contribution in the Iraqi energy sector,” according to a statement by Iraq’s Council of Ministers. The statement, copy of which landed in Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Thursday, pointed out that the Iraqi Prime Minister had received at his office on Wednesday the Chairman of Russia’s Oil & Gas Producers Federation Chairman, Yuri Chevranov and his accompanying delegation, in which they discussed horizons of joint cooperation between both countries.” Maliki, the statement pointed out “has reaffirmed his government’s keenness to develop relations with Russia in all fields, especially the economic and oil sectors, as well as necessity to exchange visits by officials of both countries, in order to boost and expand horizons of cooperation in different fields.” Prime Minister Maliki, the statement added, has called on Russian companies to “work in Iraq and contribute in the process of building and reconstruction, in addition on cooperation with Russian businessmen in economic fields,” reiterating “necessity for cooperation in the investment sector to develop oil and gas fields, along with expanding and developing their activity, to lay down strategic plans for boosting cooperation in this field.” The Chairman of the Russian Oil & Gas Producers Federation, the statement said, had congratulated the Iraqi Prime Minister on the occasion of “the formation of the national-partnership government, expressing hope for it to succeed in achieving the ambitions of the Iraqi people,” expressing “his country’s support for it to achieve all its goals to build Iraq and achieve the ambitions of its people in security, stability and prosperity.” The Russian Official, the statement added, “had expressed his country’s keenness to continue and develop its relations with Iraq, “reiterating that his counry’s binessmen and specialists in the fields of oil and gas, have expressed support for all efforts of the Iraqi government to develop its country’s economic, oil and gas fields.” In conclusion, the Chairman of Russia’s Oil & Gas Producers Federation, the statement said had reiterated that “time had come to contribute and increase cooperation in the activity of Russian companies in the field of developing Iraq’s oil pipelins, gas and energy.” ((27 JAN 2011))












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