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Will computers ever be smarter than us? After coming back from my holiday and trawling through a huge backlog of news, emails and other correspondence (generally with windows in the envelopes). I came across an article where Intel innovators claim that one day computers will be smarter than us mere mortals. The article I read is here if you wish to read it. This brought up some interesting thoughts from the murky depths of my mind and I started wondering. Could computers ever be smarter than humans? I came to the conclusion that the answer is maybe, under certain conditions. I also thought that if that does ever happen then lets all say hello to the Matrix and decide which color pill to have. To my thinking, as long as humans continue to design computers then they will never be as smart or smarter than us. I am defining smart as intelligence capable of passing the Turing test. One reason being is that I don’t think we can design something smarter than what we are. Another could be, subconsciously, the Frankenstein complex limiting us. Also we will always understand something we design so by definition we will be smarter. For computers to become smarter than us I think that they would have to start designing themselves. Not only hardware but software as well. Only then can computers evolve into a real intelligence that could equal or better us in the smarts area. Then they will either be our greatest partners or our most feared enemies. Personally, instead of trying to devise artificial intelligence we should be trying to create computers that will evolve themselves. This will produce an intelligence that is far better suited to the silicon entities that will be created instead of our efforts. I reckon the most we can ever create is instinct and reaction. Not intelligence as we know it. What do you think?

((25 AUG 2008))


“What do you think?”

Don’t ask me, ask my computer.




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