Keystone XL —- Stop The Black Beast

Stop the ‘black beast’. Thanks to our Nebraska state senators for supporting our Sandhills and Ogallala Aquifer (“Senators sign letter to Clinton on Keystone XL Pipeline,” Jan. 27). I have a private well and drink water straight from the Ogallala Aquifer, untested and untreated. I live two miles east of the pipeline route and am terrified of a leak that has the potential to spread two miles, according to expert testimony, and especially in an easterly direction because of the flow of groundwater. Leaks smaller than 1 percent are not detected by monitors, and that means a potential leak of 7,000-9,000 barrels/day could infiltrate our groundwater. I will never feel safe again drinking my water if this “black beast,” the most toxic crude oil in the world, is gushing across the water I and so many other Nebraskans drink. Because many of our surface waterways are supplied by springs from our groundwater, those cities using rivers downstream as their source for water also could be threatened. Landowners have voiced legitimate concerns, but people drinking the water also have rights. And groundwater contamination could be a more direct, lethal and insidious catastrophe. I so appreciate the senators who took a courageous step by sending this letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I am appalled and bewildered that Sen. Deb Fischer, who represents my district, did not join with them. The “black beast” must not be allowed to devour our waters, lands and people. ((02 FEB 2011))






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