Keystone XL —- Big Green groups advise Obama to decline Canada’s kind offer

Big Green groups tell Obama to tell Canada to Drop Dead. A coalition of 89 Big Green environmental groups is urging President Obama to reject Canada’s efforts to secure U.S. approval for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would bring millions of barrels of oil extracted from Canadian shale formations. In their letter, the anti-oil groups based their case on these arguments: “When filled to capacity, Keystone XL would import up to 900,000 barrels per day of the world’s dirtiest form of oil and open a new economic drain to send more of our money to Canada. “The pipeline would drive further destruction of Canada’s boreal forest, bring the threat of dangerous oil spills through America’s heartland, exacerbate air quality problems in communities surrounding the refineries that the pipeline would service, and significantly increase the carbon intensity of U.S. transportation fuel, which would undercut the emissions reductions achieved by increasing U.S. automobile efficiency. “Keystone XL would transport some of the most corrosive and acidic oil in the world through sensitive lands and aquifers that provide drinking water and a way of life for millions. “Already, TransCanada is using eminent domain against farmers and landowners who do not want a dangerous pipeline on their own properties. It’s time to stop giving a free pass to oil companies to increase profits at the expense of Americans. “TransCanada’s own analysis even says the “strategy [with Keystone XL] would be intended to raise the price” of Canadian oil, especially in the Midwest, to increase oil company profits. America does not need this dangerous and expensive pipeline.” You can read the full letter here on Politico. It’s release was timed to coincide with Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper’s meeting Friday with President Obama. The issue of the pipeline approvals was expected to be a major topic of discussion at that gathering. ((05 FEB 2011))




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