On Valentines Day, Big Polluters Find True, Dirty Love

Love is in the air today. And it can’t be easy to get a date when you’re a major polluter and have a questionable vision of ethics. To assist these dirty lovers, Greenpeace created the perfect matchmaking service where industry lobbyists, corrupt politicians and oil execs can find true love. Polluter Harmony (and its Canadian version) is the online go-to site for those with a strong distaste for a healthy planet. Pollution lovers can prospect for partners based on industry affiliations, shady values, and huge profit margins to find that one-in-a-lifetime kind of love. Whether it’s Alberta Environment Minister Rob Renner and Hal Kvisle, former TransCanada Pipelines CEO and current chair of the tar sands environmental monitoring panel, there’s something for everyone. Take for example this testimonial from American’s for Prospeirty’s Tim Phillips and his budding romance with Michigan Republican Fred Upton. So writes Phillips of Upton: Now Fred is strong: he ignores scientists conducting climate research, he supports a Canadian tar sands pipeline despite last year’s oil spill on the Kalamazoo River in his home state, and he’s in the front row of American Petroleum Institute briefings. His legislation to block the EPA from limiting carbon pollution looks beautiful. He has lobbyists from the oil and healthcare industries running his office, and he has me at his side in the Wall Street Journal. Particularly inspiring are tar-crossed lovers Canadian Environment Minister Peter Kent and his oil exec match made in heaven, Janet. See their story below: If you’re in the mood for love, jump over to Polluter Harmony to check out Greenpeace’s campaign. ((14 FEB 2011))





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