Keystone XL —- Oil For China The Long Way Round?

No assurance pipeline oil is for US. Why do you suppose TransCanada is spending millions of dollars trying to convince Nebraskans that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is such a great deal for Nebraska? The answer: billions of dollars of profit awaits Canadian oil companies if they can get access to a global shipping port where they can sell their tar sands oil on the world market. Such a port exists in Port Arthur , Texas and they need to cross Nebraska with their pipeline to get there. Eleven other other Nebraskans and I attended a meeting this past week in Washington DC with U.S. State Department officials. It was confirmed in this meeting that if this pipeline is completed that the tar sands oil would be sold on the global market. It was also confirmed that there were no assurances from TransCanada that any of this oil would be destined for domestic use in the United States, it was further stated that no such assurances were required. Is this a good neighbor working for America and Nebraskans? You be the judge. ((18 MAR 2011))





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